8 -12 Week ‘Shred It’ Nutrition Program

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8 – 12 week ‘Shred It’ Nutrition program


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This is a safe, nutritionally based 8-12 week programme designed to make it easy for you to ‘shred’ BAD HABITS to shred your WEIGHT and gain the energy and body shape you want.

This programme excludes excess sugar, alcohol, refined or processed food and helps you focus on the good stuff to eat! It’s designed to keep things simple, save you time and money and can be incorporated into family meals. This is for those who need some help with

  • Guidance for those ‘what to cook’ situations and meal preparation
  • Inspiration with some new easy and simple recipes
  • Motivation to stop bad habits and be accountable to forming new ones

There is something for everyone, whether you just need to get back on track or starting a wellness journey.

The Shred It programme is designed to make life easier with step by step programme to follow including weekly meal plans and shopping lists, food diaries and review sheets, all to help you succeed with your goals.

An outline of the programme:

Weeks 1-4 are important weeks to clean the body with an adequate water intake, avoiding refined and processed foods and a focus on eating quality proteins and large vegetable intake. Preferably avoid alcohol for 21 days.Once the body is off processed foods, you will probably notice a change in bowel health, have no sugar cravings and see an increase in energy levels.

Weeks 5-8 we will introduce some foods back in like starchy carbohydrates and a couple of treat meals or alcohol.

Weeks 8-12 will see you maintain some good results with a balance of carbohydrates and treat meals or if you want you can repeat weeks 1-3 to reset or speed up your weight loss goals.


$79 includes the E book and email support.

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