Nick Clark

Since his early teens, Nick has been actively involved in sport and fitness in both individual and
team environments. At the age of 15 Nick won a New Zealand Karate free fighting national title,
fighting older and higher ranked opponents. At 17 he received his Black Belt in the martial art.
From there Nick moved to our national sport – rugby. He played club rugby, winning four
championships, and was selected for age group representative rugby with North Harbour.
Achieving his goals on the rugby field, Nick turned his attention to boxing. Through focus and
determination he transformed his 102kg front row body to a lean 79kg high energy, high fitness
frame and with a 6 – 0 winning record, enjoyed both the physical and metal demands of the
In addition to Nick’s sporting achievements, he is also the sole Director of a successful importing
business, supplying and servicing engineering machinery to some of New Zealand’s most
successful manufacturing companies. He understands the work/life balance and the stresses of
keeping a healthy body and mind. As the newest member of the DRILL team, Nick’s competitive
nature and positive attitude puts him in good standing to help you achieve your goals.
”Having been trained by some of New Zealand’s best coaches and trainers during my career, I
feel privileged to pass my knowledge on to help others. Your body is the greatest thing you will
ever own! I love seeing people achieving their goals, improving their fitness, health and
confidence. I can make this promise to you… we will train hard, get results and above all have a
blast doing it!”
Nick runs bootcamps at Onewa Domain & Milford Reserve on Auckland’s North Shore.

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