Nadia Gagne

Nadia is originally from Canada and has been living in New Zealand since 2007.  She has over 10 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry.

She came into this industry due to her own health issue and has turned it into a passion of helping others on their journey to a healthier self and lifestyle.  Nadia is a Wellness Coach that is also a certified Yoga Instructor through the Yoga Alliance, and a certified Personal Trainer through the New Zealand Institute of Health and Fitness.  She has such a strong passion with health and fitness you can feel her energy and enthusiasm when she is working with her clients and group classes.  She brings in a focus on creating balance.  A well-balanced body helps support a balanced state of mind.

Nadia not only does the Bootcamp classes but as well Yoga classes, Personal Training, and Wellness Coaching.  She touches base with all pillars of a healthy lifestyle approach.

She has always been an active person from a young age starting off with figure skating, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking.  And in 2009 & 2010 she challenged herself to do a mini triathlon.  And is now learning to surf and surf skate, which she is working on a project of building an online fitness program for surfers and skateboarders.

“My goal and passion is to guide and help people on their journey to succeed their goals.  I understand how hard it is on your own, from my own personal experience.  And with having people around you to keep you accountable helps you to achieve your goals.  I love being part of a community that supports and helps each other.”


Come and join Nadia at Victoria Park on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am.


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