Ivo trainer

Ivo gained a big chunk of his experience in the health and fitness industry as a head military fitness instructor in the Philippine army. A member of a ready reserve – special forces with regular functional training drills and jungle combat. But don’t let that scare you off. -Ivo is also a nurse by profession so will take good care of you.
In his nursing field he specialized in cardiac rehabilitation which involves assisting cardiac patients recovering from post cardio surgery, as well as exercise and dietary prescription.
Ivo also managed a well renowned strength and bootcamp gym in the Philippines by the name DMC Fitness, in which he was also the head trainer so he is well versed on functional training along with specific strengthening and flexibility exercises.
As a fitness coach and a personal trainer, Ivo worked with a wide range of individuals from teens, athletes all the way to adults that were new to exercise.
A sport fanatic in nature he was and is involved in different sports like basketball, soccer as well as mixed martial arts (MMA) practicing the discipline of AI-KI-DO, boxing, kickboxing, Muai Thai and Jujitsu.

“With with my military character I will push you past your glass ceiling, but thanks to my nurse character, you will feel my passion, nurturing and supportive traits which I use to guide you towards achieving and surpassing your fitness goals.”
“My philosophy is to evolve your mind through fitness, transform your life and touch your heart. (And even make you look good naked)” -Sorry, Filipino joke.


Ivo runs bootcamps at Welcome Bay and Otumoetai.