Frequently Asked Questions

Q. -How long are your sessions?
A – Our sessions can run from 30 – 45mins per session – Short n Sharp, Job done!
Q. – Do I have to start my 5 weeks  on the set out  Block dates?
A .- We prefer you to start on the block dates as we have a conditioning phase of up to 2 weeks that we would like everyone to participate in, and it helps for our admin purposes as well. If you cant wait and would like to start straight away talk to your trainer they maybe able to slot you in right away.
Q.- Can I go to more than one location?
A – Yes you can go to any of the locations run by the same trainer.
Q – How do I redeem my Promotional voucher?
A – Please book in Grabone vouchers via the contact us page
Q – What happens when it’s raining or bad weather?
A – We at DRILL believe that it’s not a BOOTCAMP unless your training outside.
      However we do have a few undercover options at most locations, if your safety is at risk we will cancel the session.
Q – What if I miss a session?
A –  If you miss a session you can make it up within the week at any of the other locations, if you miss a week because of illness or other reasonable circumstances, talk to your trainer about making up that week at the end of your block.
Q – I am unfit, does this cater for all fitness levels?
A – We cover all fitness levels and encourage everyone to join, our sessions are high intensity but they are all time based so you can go at your own pace, and well looked after by our fantastic trainers.
Q- Do you use any equipment?
A – Yes, we have a method that we use that includes strength equipment, functional equipment and boxing so you get to experience all our popular training methods.
Q- Do I need to bring anything to my first session?
A- Yes, please bring water and optional are quick wraps for boxing, and a yoga mat or towel, if you have your own boxing gloves, you can bring them along.